Daily Dog Walking

Our Dog Walking Service

Our dog walking service options are based on what you want and need. We are available to visit your dog(s) as often as needed throughout the day. As you know, it’s very beneficial for your dog to have regular exercise.

Outdoor time is critical to your pets good physical and mental health. Home-bound dogs build up stress and energy that may have a major effect on the way they interact with you, your family, and other dogs. Energy that is not released may also result in destructive behaviors:  chewing, barking, etc. Regular daily exercise gives your furry friend the means to burn off that energy and relieve stress.

Your Dog Gets

  • Exercise and individual attention
  • Puppy and senior dog relief
  • Safe, outdoor fun
  • A happier, less lonely day
  • A healthier, longer life
  • Socialization

Our Services Include

  • Feeding (if necessary)
  • Ample cool, clean drinking water
  • Pet waste clean-up (on-site and off)
  • Administering medications (if necessary)
  • And, of course, plenty of hugs and kisses!

Daily Dog Walking Rates:  Depending on your location, $15.00-$19.00 per walk … 30 minute average walk time.

If longer than 30 minutes is required, a custom fit walk rate can be discussed. We do our best to accommodate your needs without additional fees.

Discount Rates are available for folks that regularly schedule 3 to 5 walk visits per week.

An additional $5.00 will be applied for walk visits needed after 7pm, or last minute visits scheduled less than 3 hours before appointment time.

We’re happy to discuss Major Holiday needs.

All rates are subject to change.