Schenectady Pet Sitter: What To Ask Before Hiring

Looking for a Schenectady Pet Sitter?

Need a Schenectady pet sitter? Well, look no further. I have expanded my pet services business to include both dog walking and pet sitting in Schenectady and the surrounding towns and villages.

And the first item I want to discuss in this blog is the pertinent questions you should ask every potential dog walker or pet sitter before you say “Yes, please take care of my pet”.

Basically, “What you should look for in a Schenectady pet sitter.”

So, here are those questions:

  • Does the pet sitter visit the client’s home before the first pet sitting (or dog walking) assignment to meet the pets …. and get detailed information about their care?

Our Answer:  Yes, we do. Coopers Companions Pet Services will never confirm a Schenectady pet sitter assignment before we meet with you and your pet.

  • Does your pet have a “good reaction” to the pet sitter or dog walker?

Our Answer:  We will do our utmost to make your pet feel comfortable, even if that means returning a few times to your home at no cost to you. Your pet should be comfortable with us so we can provide him or her with the best possible care.

  • Does the pet sitter have extensive experience caring for a variety of pets?  

Our Answer:  We have experience caring for a variety of dog breeds, finicky and cuddly cats, fresh and saltwater fish, playful and nervous birds, and many small-caged animals. A  truly professional Schenectady pet sitter (and animal lover) should have this kind of experience.

  • In case your pet has a health emergency, does the pet sitter have a list of emergency veterinarians in case yours is unavailable?

Our Answer:  Yes, we will have a clear and concise emergency plan in place once you become our client. We will discuss any plans with you in detail; and all decisions regarding the potential emergency care of your pet are made by you. Our Vet Release Form is available on our website.

  • Does the pet sitter seem genuinely interested in learning as much as possible about your pet?  This includes your pet’s general health, temperament, eating habits, exercise needs, and possible aggression issues (other pets, food aggression, toy aggression etc…).

Our Answer:  Yes, we will go through a detailed Client Information Form that addresses all your pets habits and daily routines. It is extremely important for a pet sitter to know all the habits of your pet before they are able to care for them. This form is also available on our website.

Bottom line:   you want your pet care provider to be professional, caring, trustworthy, reliable and responsible.  You want to make sure they have a genuine concern for you and for your pet’s needs.

These are just a few helpful tips when looking for a pet sitter (or dog walker!) in Schenectady.

Coopers Companions Pet Services provides all this and more.

We look forward to you joining our pet family.

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